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Please select a topic below to learn about the various features of our site.  For  more information call free 800. or contact us at

1.1. General Site Use

1.1.2 Site Navigation

The site uses a two-tier navigation system to access the main content. A horizontal bar at the top offers access to the main areas of the site. Each of these main areas has its own vertical sub navigation column that appears on the right side of the screen to provide access to the deepest content.

To access to another site menu just position the mouse on the section that you wish to view. 

1.2. Using Product Locator

An easy way for you to find the products you need. You can search by style, gender, color or category and you can find exactly what you need.  The Product Locator results will show  all the available styles with product code and description related to your selected criteria.

1.2.1 Search by Style

  • Click on the “Style” option of the Product Locator located on the left side on the web page.
  • Select a product code

1.2.2 Search by Color

  • Click on the “Color” option on the Product Locator located on the left side of the web page.
  • Select a color from the list of available colors.
  • Click on the Find Your Color option on the left side navigation 
  • Select a Color from the list of available colors
  • Select a Style from the list of available styles

1.2.3 Search by Kind of Product

  • Click on the “Kind of Product” option of the Product Locator.
  • Select a category from the list of available options.

1.2.4 Search by Gender

  • Click on the “Gender” option of the Product Locator.
  • Select a category from the list of available options.

1.3. Using the Catalog

The Catalog section has several categories according to gender of each product:  Gentleman, Lady, Junior, Infants and Children and Uniforms.


Each gender will show every style available within its category.

Once you have selected an specific style, you will be able to access to all the information related, such as: prices, product descriptions, colors available and sizes.

You can also submit your opinion about each style, clicking on “Evaluate this product”.

Every time you look up for an specific product, Yazbek will show a variety of recommended products related to your first choice, making it easy for you to find exactly what you are looking for. You only need to click on any of the suggested styles to consult its characteristics and information.

1.4 Using the Marketing Assistance

With the Marketing Assistance, you will be able to download the tools you need to promote your bussines, such as the latest advertising campaigns, sale tools, product specs and others. To have access to this section, you will need to type your user and password and log in.

1.4.1 Sale Tools and Marketing Campaigns

Here you will be able to download our entire catalog, advertising campaigns, produc specs and others. You just need to:

  • Select the tool you are interested in.
  • Just follow the download instructions and that’s it.

1.4.2. Image Library

The image library provides you with access to both high and low resolution images to use for creating outstanding printed materials or web sites.

Available images include model photography and product photography.

  • Select “Images” from the “Marketing Assistance Menu”. 
  • Select the category of image type you want from the drop-down list. The screen will refresh with all the images available for download in the selected category.
  • Select the quality of image by clicking on either the “Low” or “High” resolution quality option.
  • To download images from the search results - Click the Download link and follow the file download instructions displayed.

Important : All the images used in this Web site, have a use from December first, 2008, to December 31, 2009.

1.5 Using Business Locator

Distribution Network will help you find a distributor near to your address. Just follow the following instructions:

Select “Distribution Network” on the main menu.
Click on the state where you like to find a Yazbek branch or distributor.
Then, you will find a list of points of sale within your selected state.
Select the branch or distributor of your choice to access to its contact info, such as: address, phone number, email and locator map.

1.6 Using My Yazbek Online Account

On “My Yazbek Online Account”, you will have full control of your transactions within the web page.

1.6.1 Mannage your account

Click on “Mannage your personal info”.
Type the information you want to update.
Don’t forget to save all your changes.

1.6.2. Suggestion Box

Click on “Suggestion Box”.
Type the information you want to submit.
Send the form.