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Environmental awareness


All manufacturing processes, including textile processes, have a direct impact on environment caused by natural resources consumption and polluting waste generation.

At Grupo Comercial Yazbek we are aware of this situation and commit ourselves to the environment by continually improving our efficiency and implementing technology to minimize the use of resources and emission of polluting agents.

An example of this is our water treatment plant, which allows recovering 50% of wastewater and discharging it free from pollutants and recycling it for several purposes.



The water treatment process starts after fabric dying is completed, water remains loaded with chemical elements. In order to remove these residues a physical-chemical separation is carried out and subsequently it goes through another biological process and a decanter which completes the removal of sludge and polluting chemicals, resulting in pollutant-free water.


 Some advantages achieved with this treatment plant include:

  1. Maintaining the parameters established by the CNA (Comisión Nacional de Agua)
  2. Recycling water for internal services or irrigation, decreasing the total volume of water pumped.
  3. Recovering water for all dying processes, i.e., recycling it entirely.


Grupo Comercial Yazbek strives to be an ecologically responsible company, which implies being "ISO14000" and "Industria Limpia" certified as a company that cares for environment in all its processes, in addition to implementing continuous actions throughout the company to promote environmental care and protection.