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What type of decorations can I make in T-shirts?
Our products are suitable for different decorating needs.  Their characteristics allow implementing almost any kind of decoration on them. Among the most popular processes we can find:

· Silk-screen
· Embroidery
· Appliqué
· Processes

And many more.

Are T-shirt colors resistant to washing, ironing, and other daily handling?
The quality of our raw materials and our production processes allow our colors maintain a sturdy high performance in normal washing situations following the care instructions specified at the back of labels.

How do I know if a T-shirt is high quality?
It can be recognized through different elements that determine the quality in textile garments which include:

  • Tone standards
  • Color repeatability
  • Printing acceptance
  • Measure standards
  • Quality standards in needlework
  • Shrinkage control
  • Lot uniformity
  • Packing and boxing quality


Does Cotton shrink ?

Yes.  Like many natural fibers, cotton does shrink, especially if washed with hot water or tumble dried. This is because the surface fibers are stretched in the manufacturing process, and when it is washed with hot water the fibers tend to recover their original state (curly).

All  products made of cotton have a default shrink factor, the best option is to follow the washing instructions that allow better results and less shrinkage in the  products. 

How can I become an authorized distributor? / I want to be an authorized distributor.
Please contact us in order to assess the distribution needs in your specific market and if feasible, jointly develop a business plan including:


  • Storage capacity determination.
  • Logistic strategy structuring.
  • Inventory strategy determination.
  • Pricing and marketing strategies.

For  more information call us to or toll free 800.  You can also write us to:

I want to buy but not large amounts. / What are the minimum sales volumes?
At Yazbek you can purchase as little as one piece.


How can I get better prices?
Through our "Case-Dozen-Piece" price system you are in full control of your purchase price.

This system allows you to buy from one case (24, 36, or 72 pieces) at the most competitive price in the market*

*Sealed case with 24, 36, or 72 pieces, same style, size, and color.

For  more information call us to 01.800.

Is there a nearby branch or distributor in my locality? How can I acquire the product?
We have a broad distribution coverage throughout the country; however, if there is no branch or authorized distributor available in your locality, we have a free freight service to deliver your purchases in closed cases at your address.

I live outside Mexico and I’m interested in becoming a customer. How  can I purchase?
If there is no branch or authorized distributor in your locality or country, please contact us for information on the best international shipping option. Call us to 01.800.  You can also write us to:

What are the benefits of logging in or updating my data?
By logging in as user of our website, you will get special offers and discounts before anyone else; in addition, you will be notified of launches, new products, and special promotions.

You will be able to download sales and marketing tools for your business including: product images, most recent advertising campaigns, technical specs, price lists, among other benefits.

How  can I login? / I want to login.
Signing in as a user is quite simple, just go into the “My Yazbek online account and click in "Login", fill in the questionnaire that displays, follow the instructions and that's it.

How can I download website contents?
In order to download the Yazbek website contents, go into the “Marketing Assistant”, enter your e-mail (user) and password, select the marketing tools that you wish to download and that’s it.

I wish to receive more information and special promotions.  Where can I contact you?
In order to receive more information please call us to or toll free 01.800.  You can also contact the following addresses: