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Welcome to the website (hereinafter the “Website”), owned by Grupo Comercial Yazbek, S.A. de C.V., (hereinafter "YAZBEK"). The Website is offered to you (hereinafter the “User”) free of charge, since this website is intended to provide and share information on the products we manufacture.

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Through the use of this Website, YAZBEK provides you a mechanism that expedites charge-free access to various contents and tools (hereinafter, the “Tools”) without requiring any subscription or registration whatsoever. However, within the Website you will find some tools such as those in sections: “Marketing Wizzard”, “My Yazbek Online Account” and applications such as: “Assess this Product” (hereinafter “Yazbek Online Applications”) which may be used only by subscribing and registering as a user under the terms in paragraph 3 of this instrument.  Such Yazbek Online Applications will be subject to the provisions in these Terms and Conditions.


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In order to use the YAZBEK Tools and Applications, you must fill in an online Registration Form (hereinafter “Registration Form”), in the understanding that by completing the registration process and clicking the “Submit” button at the bottom, you are sending the Registration Form electronically and agree without restriction to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.


Once the Registration Form is submitted, YAZBEK will process, and if applicable, authorize the registration at its sole discretion. If approved, you will be assigned an account to access and use the YAZBEK Online Tools and Applications (hereinafter the “Account”), which will consist of a password (hereinafter “Password”) and user ID (the user name will be the e-mail account provided by you).

The User undertakes to make diligent use and maintain the secrecy of the Username and Password assigned to give access to the Yazbek Online Tools and Applications.  The User will be liable for any expenses and damages as a result of the use of the Yazbek Online Tools and Applications in the event of non-diligent use of the Username and Password by an unauthorized third party or loss of the same by the User. Likewise the User undertakes to: (a) Notify YAZBEK immediately the undue and unauthorized use of User’s Password and/or Username; (b) Make sure to logout after completing the search in the Website.

YAZBEK reserves the right to deny access to and / or block the user's account for misused of content, tools and /or applications.


YAZBEK will discontinue service at any time without liability in case any repairs or modifications to the site, its tools and / or applications are required


YAZBEK guarantees the user the Privacy Right under its Privacy Policy. The User agrees that YAZBEK may access the user's account in order to address technical or service needs.


To the extent provided by the applicable legislation, in no event will YAZBEK be liable for any direct, special, incidental, indirect, or consequential damages (including without any limitation, damages for business interruption, loss of data, or loss of any kind) arising out of or related to (i) the use or execution of the Website and its Media, (ii) the delay or unavailability of the Website, (iii) Media supply or lack of Media supply, any information or graphics contained or published in or through the Website, (iv) information update or lack of information update, (v) changes or modifications to information, whether in whole or in part, after being included in the Website; (vi) any other aspect or feature of the information contained or published in the Website or through the links eventually included therein; (vii) Media supply or lack of Media supply.

YAZBEK does not assume any responsibility whatsoever for the way the User uses the information contained in or published by the Website and/or Media. Users are strongly recommended to verify this information through their own media when using it to make a decision. In all cases the User should look for technical or administrative advice, as applicable.

Even though the information in the Website is considered to be accurate, it may contain technical inaccuracies or typos. YAZBEK assumes no liability for any direct, special, incidental, indirect, or consequential damages that may result from such inaccuracies, but will make an effort to constantly update the content in this Website.

YAZBEK does not guarantee that the Website will satisfy the requirements of the User, or that the Tools will always be maintained uninterrupted, timely, safe, or error-free.


Furthermore, the User undertakes to indemnify and hold YAZBEK harmless from any actions, lawsuits or claims (including attorney's fees and court costs) arising from any failure to comply with these Terms and Conditions by the User, including, but not limited to: (i) any aspect regarding the use of the Website and its Media, the information contained in or through the Website; (ii) slander, libel or any other infringing behavior in the use of the Website; (iii) infringement to laws or international treaties regarding copyright or intellectual property rights contained or available in or through the Website or (iv) use of the Website and its Tools by non-authorized individuals accessing the Website with the User’s Username and/or Password.


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This agreement shall be in force for an indefinite term. Notwithstanding the above, YAZBEK at its own discretion may cancel your Username and/or Password at any time without previous notice, for undue use of the Website, for breach of the Terms and Conditions herein or for any other reason.


YAZBEK has the right to modify or amend unilaterally, at any moment and without previous notice, the presentation and configuration of the Website, as well as the right to modify or eliminate at any moment and without previous notice, the Tools and the terms required to access and/or use the Website and Media.


At all times YAZBEK will have the power to discontinue temporarily the use of tools and applications in the Website.


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